Forside / Digital resources

Digital resources

The Falstad center has developed several digital learning resources. You can use them in preparation for a visit to Falstad or as a source of knowledge where you are.

Database: Foreign war graves in Norway

A searchable register of war graves and foreign fallen buried in Norway. Languages: English, Russian and Norwegian.

POW stories

A web resource on the prisoners of war from the Soviet Union who became slave laborers in Norway during World War II. Languages: English, Russian and Norwegian.

Prisoner no. 424 – Josef Grabowski

A web resource on the Holocaust and World War II through the story of Josef Grabowski. Languages: English and Norwegian.

NB: The web resource is currently unavailable, due to Adobe Flash ceasing to operate at the turn of the year 2020/21. We are working to find a solution to restore this online resource in a new edition.

Digital photo albums

Many of the photographs in our collections are available in digital high-resolution editions on Flickr. You can freely download and use them for presentations, school assignments or for other non-commercial purposes, as long as you refer to the Falstadsenteret Archive.

The Falstad center’s booklet series

The Falstad center has published its own series of booklets since 2007. The series contains exhibition catalogues and booklets related to Falstad’s history.