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The Falstad Archives

«Do you have any information about my uncle Kjell who was imprisoned at Vollan?» «Does a POW index card still exist for my great grandfather Arve?» «Granny Borghild made a piece of embroidery while she was confined at Grini prison camp. Would this object be of any interest to you?»

The collections of the Falstad Centre – the Falstad Archives – consist of documents, objects, photographs, and film and audio recordings. The items are related either to Falstad as a WWII prison camp, to prison camps elsewhere, or to other periods in Falstad’s history.

We provide information about former prisoners to researchers, students, family, and others with a particular interest in the topic. We welcome donations of material for our collections. Objects, photographs, documents, and recordings are secured for posterity in our storage facilities, and made available to the public in as far as possible.

Objects and photographs are used in our presentations and teaching on a regular basis. Parts of our photographic archive are available at Flickr. In our bilingual blog Glimt fra Falstadarkivet [‘Glimpses from the Falstad Archives’] we present a selection of source materials.

POW index cards
We have digital copies of POW index cards from SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad, and from Vollan fengsel [Vollan prison] in Trondheim. The cards provide records for more than 6,000 WWII prisoners of war.
Index cards are available for around 3,300 of the around 4,200 POWs imprisoned at Falstad. The original cards are held in the National Archives in Oslo.

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