Since the mid 1990s, Falstad Centre staff members have had their work published in both in books and in various professional journals. The overview does not include feature articles and other newspaper material.

The Falstad Centre launched a publication series in 2007. To date (autumn 2014) the series consists of 15 issues (16 booklets). It contains exhibition catalogues and pamphlets linked to the history of Falstad.

  1. Sin egen lykkes smed (pdf) (norsk).
  2. Innherad tvangsarbeidsleir (pdf) (norsk).
  3. Gulag – zek-folket (pdf) (norsk).
  4. Falstad art 2009  (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  5. Soviet prisoners of war in norway (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  6. Falstad art 2010(pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  7. Young voices (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  8. With their own eyes (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  9. The enemy within – Denunciation in norway during WW2 (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  10. A reply from Norway´s youth – after 22.july 2011 (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  11. The graves of the Falstad Forest (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  12. Gulag – The Zek People (pdf) (engelsk).
  13. Broken memories – a burmese journey in time (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  14. The commandant`s house (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  15. The women´s section (pdf) (norsk/engelsk).
  16. Growth Rings – Recollections (pdf) (norsk/engelsk)