Our Museum

The Falstad Centre is a place for learning, thought, and reflection. It is a place where you can stand on historic ground that was part of the history of imprisonment during WWII while learning more about this history and getting closer to people who suffered such imprisonment.

The exhibitions
The Falstad Centre has exhibition rooms for permanent and temporary exhibitions in the three remaining buildings of the former prison camp. The permanent exhibition «Face to Face» has been on display in the basement since 2006. Please find our current temporary exhibitions in our website menu.

Several of our temporary exhibitions are closely linked to research projects. The exhibitions are also an important part of our taught classes.

The landscape
There are few reminders of the prison camp in what used to be the camp landscape. The barbed wire is gone, the prisoners’ barracks are gone, and many of the other buildings have been demolished or converted. Today the landscape is signposted to indicate the former location of some of the camp’s most important buildings. There is also a path of more recent origin leading from Falstad to Falstad Forest.