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Norwegian Memorial and Human Rights Centre
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crossing borders


International Workshop June 2013


REcall seeks to formulate a new role of the architectural environment based on invigorated research on the cultural landscapes of WWI and WWII and strengthen the attention on the management, documentation and preservation of this heritage.

More information at and

The Falstad centre is hosting a workshop for ReCall Dow June 24–30 2013.


Travelling exhibition and web resource: Soviet prisoners of war in Norway

September 20th 2012 the travelling exhibition “Soviet prisoners of war 1941-1945” opens in Petrozavodsk in Russia. It is based on the Falstad Centre’s exhibition opened by the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev at the Defence Museum in Oslo in 2010. The exhibition opening is followed by the launching of the translation of Marianne Neerland Soleim’s book on Soviet POWs in Norway, and of a web resource primarily aimed at pupils and students in Russia and Norway:



# 13 Fortrengte minner - en burmesisk reise i tid / Broken Memories - a Burmese journey in Time (2012)

#12 GULAG The Zek people, (English version, in cooperation with Helgeland museum 2012)

#11 Gravene i Falstadskogen / The Graves of the Falstad Forest (2012)

#10 Fra ungdommen / A Reply from Norway's youth  - after 22 july 2011 (2012)

#9 Fienden blant oss, angiveri i Norge under andre verdenskrig / The Enemy Within - denunciation in Norway during WW2 (2011)

#8 Med egne øyne / With their Own Eyes (2011)

#7 Unge stemmer - elevbesøk på Falstadsenteret / Young Voices - pupils visiting the Falstad centre (2011)

#6 Falstad kunst 2010 / Falstad Art 2010

#5 Sovjetiske krigsfanger i Norge Soviet prisoners of war in Norway (Norwegian-English 2010)

#5 Sovjetiske krigsfanger i Norge Советские военнопленные в Норвегии (Norwegian - Russian 2010)

#4 Falstad kunst 2009 / Falstad art 2009

#3 Gulag zek-folket (Norwegian only, 2009)

#2 Innherad tvangsarbeidsleir 1945-1949 (Norwegian only, 2009)

#1 Sin egen lykkes smed - Falstad skolehjem 1895 - 1945 (Norwegian only, 2008, not online)


Falstad Archive blog – glimpse from the archive

This blog presents samples from the Falstad Centre's collections: objects, photos and documents. Each object has its very special story. In 2012 all entries relate to the dramatic year 1942. Each object has its very special story. Some of these stories are well documented, others are unkown to us. We are happy to recieve comments, notes and suggestions from blog visitors. The blog is bi-lingual (Norwegian and English). Visit the blog here.


The Falstad Centre – interview project

The Falstad Centre wishes to get in touch with people who were imprisoned in German camps in Norway during WWII.

As a national memorial site and centre of Human Rights the Falstad Centre documents and communicates WWII prisoner history. So far about 200 interviews have been made with former Falstad prisoners. This spring the centre has initiated a national and international interview project, in order to collect memories of both Norwegian and foreign prisoners. It’s important to preserve these memories for future generations, and thus to increase the knowledge of life behind barbed wire and of the camp system established by the German Nazis in Norway.

Former prisoners who wish to share their memories are asked to contact the Falstad Centre.

Contact person: Ingeborg Hjorth, tlf: (+47) 74028050, e-mail:
Address: Falstadsenteret, N-7624 Ekne, Norway.


Prisoner no. 424 - Josef Grabowski

The website is a learning resource primarily aimed at pupils aged 15–19 years. It contains a collection of primary and secondary sources – historical documents, photos and audio clips – collected from several archives in Norway, Germany and Poland. Each source is a piece of the puzzle in the story about prisoner no. 424 in the German SS camp Falstad north of Trondheim (Norway) – the Jewish cantor Josef Grabowski. The web resource is part of a documentation and dissemination project headed by the Falstad Centre and the Jewish Museum in Trondheim. The resource is developed in parallel with an exhibition and a teaching programme at the Falstad Centre spring 2010.

Josef Grabowski




Educational online resources in English: - Histories of Soviet Prisoners of War in Norway - prisoner no 424 - Josef Grabowski


News archive:


Holocaust Memorial Day at Falstad.


Blog in English and Norwegian

10TH–11TH NOVEMBER 2011: THE PAINFUL HERITAGE - Materiality and multi-vocality. International workshop Programme to be published in week 35. See programme


International symposium,
Painful Heritage:

Cultural landscapes of the second world war,  was arranged at The Falstad Centre, 11th-12th November 2010.
See brief report here

Painful heritage is an interdisciplinary research project of NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet and Falstad Center, financed by The Research Council of Norway. Visit



The book contains presentations from the symposium ”Prisoners of War and Forced labour – histories of War and Occupation”, held at Falstadsentereret 20.-21. of November 2008. The contributors are from USA, Poland, Austria, Israel, Russia, Finland, Britain and Norway.

For more information/orders contact Marianne Neerland Soleim.


Falstad Kunst 2010 opened on Sunday, June 6

Read more

Falstad Kunst (Falstad Art) is a series of temporary public art installations at the Falstad Centre in the rural community of Ekne, 80 kilometres north of Trondheim in Mid-Norway. The artists Anna Baumgart (Poland) and Darko Stojkov (Serbia) are now working on their projects for Falstad Kunst 2010.

See the exhibition catalogue Falstad Art 2010 here (in Norwegian and English).

See catalogue Falstad Art 2009


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