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Norwegian Memorial and Human Rights Centre
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THE FALSTAD CENTRE - Norwegian Memorial and Human Rights Centre


The Falstad centre is a national education- and documentation centre. Education, documentation and communication concerning the history of imprisonment during World War II and Human Rights constitute the core activities of the centre. The Falstad Centre is situated in the building that, in the period 1941–45, served as SS Strafgefangenenlager. Read more about Falstad's history.

The Falstad Centre is located in the municipality Levanger in central Norway, 80 km north of Trondheim.


The Falstad Centre’s permanent museum exhibition, situated in the cellar area of the Falstad building, has the history of war imprisonment 1940–45 and human rights issues as focal points. Read more about the exhibition.


The library is open to the public, and contains literature, movies and music relevant for The Falstad Centre. See library web-page (in Norwegian).


The centre offers modern facilities for courses, meetings and conferences, and bedrooms for up to 50 guests. Our kitchen serves food based on local produce and fair-trade. Coffee is served during opening hours. For more information concerning accomodation, please contact manager Odd Ivar Berg.

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